Thursday, December 16, 2010

I’d Like To make Myself Believe

from yesterday..14.12 until the end..( i really2 hope so)..i must to believe that when somethings does not the end of the day..we must to keep moving n keep on trying to adapt with the situation..

but when i have already comfortable with it..its hard to make change again..n there is someone who keep on trying..(my ♥) i believe that i should give him n myself another chance..Cause Everything Is Never As It Seems..

i just wanna to say that..♥ what u have, n try to appreciate it..

( x taw npe nk speaking lak post kali ni..trabur pon trabur lh..ak phm..korg? phm2 je lh sndri ek.sori for the mistake above..huhu..:)

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